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    Matts Rivers
    Co-Managing Director
    Aleks Kruger
    Co-Managing Director
Its not just business with us, It's family. We've got you back

Our advantages


We're a high quality cannabis store and research chemicals global supplier, we also offers chemical services such as custom synthesis, custom peptide synthesis, elemental analysis, and CRO.

Work Ethic

We target on speeding the R&D, help our customer with a personalized purchasing solution in a whole package and provide excellent customer service and technology, strive to be No 1;

Core Value

We have a professional team with young, experienced and enthusiasm members. We're also equipped with advanced experimental facilities and leading developing technology for new drugs

Client Friendliness

Nikkostores' experienced, dedicated and friendly customer support team takes pride in providing clients with a comprehensive support for their bulk orders and compound follow-up orders